Even the most impressive resume and interview 
will not always tell you that the candidate
is a good match for a specific position, workplace or management style.

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Mainfreight has been using the Omnia profiles since 1993. They were first introduced to profile existing Branch Managers and to create a success profile. This profile has been used since as the bench mark for the promotion of Branch Managers.

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  • Reports written by Omnia Analysts
  • NOT computer generated
  • Validated by Independent Research
  • Accuracy rating of 93%
  • Free of age, race, gender and cultural bias
  • Easy to read graphs with clear, non clinical discussion
  • Reduces Turnover
  • Increase Retention
  • Better communication with team members
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased Productivity / Profitability
  • Affordable Employee Selection
  • Team Building
  • Similar to an IQ Test
  • Test for General Mental Ability
  • Improve your hiring outcomes

EPIC Selection Profile

EPIC Retention Profile

Cognitive Profile

Hire the right person the first time!
Keep your best staff motivated in Retention
General Mental Ability (GMA)   IQ test
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TARGET Leadership Analysis Profile

TARGET Professional Development Profile

TARGET Sales Style Profile

Understand your Leadership Style
Build your Employee’s Capability
Understand your Sales Style
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TARGET Custom Designed Profile

TARGET CareerMaze Profile

TARGET Customer Service

Find a career that suits your personality
Discover the right environment for your work style.
Benchmark your best Employees
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I’ve used Omnia for 6 years now. I was tired of second guessing on how good a future employee might be. With the Omnia profile, you get an analysis of your future employee thats so good, it’s quite scary. With Omnia you get to choose really good staff that will stay with you a long time.

David Renwick
Director / Automatic Transparts Ltd​

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Director of Omnia Group - Kate Brown
Kate has over 20 years' experience in business strategy and consulting across a wide range of industries, including resources, retail and government. She has both corporate and small business experience and broad exposure in project management and operations.

Kate is energetic, resourceful and adaptable and will partner with you and your business to build a business case, evaluate opportunities, implement systems and processes and develop your internal resources.

Whether you are an owner/operator juggling staff headaches, or a larger business worried about productivity and retention, Kate can help you focus your people and their performance with your business strategy.

Aside from being a Chemical Engineer, Kate’s qualifications include Bachelor Commerce (HR/IR), Diploma in Business Management, and Social and Emotional Intelligence.

Contact Kate : kate@omnia.co.nz or call anytime on 027 369 3587
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