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Omnia® Selection Profile Report

Used for new hire selection or employee promotion


Hire right the first time!

It’s no secret that hiring is an expensive investment. Hiring and promoting mistakes cost valuable man hours and potentially large business income losses!  That’s why our clients place their trust in The Omnia Profile to cut through résumé catch phrases and key words for an unobstructed view of a candidate’s workplace tendencies.

The Omnia® Selection Profile Report is a pre-employment tool to assist companies in making the best employee selection possible. The candidate completes the five-part Omnia Profile before the first interview. This allows a clearer picture of what the candidate’s personality is truly like instead of a post-interview screening that might be a summation of the information learned in the meeting.

The Omnia Selection Profile takes 15 minutes to administer and gives you the insight to make a more informed hiring decision. The Omnia Selection Report includes an easy-to-read graph and a full analysis of your candidate’s personality characteristics, indicating level of assertiveness, communication style, attention to detail, pace and much more. Also included are follow-up interview questions, career placement advice, management plans for optimum performance and more in-depth discussions of the candidate's behavioural traits. We issue a recommendation, a rating and a summary discussion of the candidate.

With a customised position description, you help us understand the specific job duties and the work environment required. There is also a benchmarking option where the candidate is compared to the existing supervisor as well as 3 top performers in the position already.  This feature provides extra visualisation of the candidate’s strengths and potential challenges by comparing to individuals you have come to know in the job.

Also included in the report:
  • Management and coaching advice.
  • An outline of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Follow-up interview questions with cues to listen for in candidate responses.
  • The Omnia Selection Companion – an interview scorecard.

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Omnia® Retention Profile Report

For employee development, retention and motivation

Keep those A Players on the team!

Selecting the right candidate for the job is tough enough.  Now…how are you going to keep them?  Hiring and retaining is a process that is always evolving and you can’t take for granted.  The Omnia Retention Profile is designed to be used post-hire and assists with employee development, retention and motivation. Learn the key elements of employee retention and maximizing your staff’s potential to improve both morale and productivity. Specific tactics such as leadership preferences, development preferences and ways to identify development opportunities are revealed in your Omnia Retention Report.

Taking only 15 minutes to complete, the Omnia Retention Profile compares employees to specific position requirements and offers suggestions on how to improve communication, increase engagement, overcome challenges and retain your most important asset….top talent.

The Omnia Retention Report contains easy to read graphs and a full analysis of an employee’s personality characteristics, indicating level of assertiveness, communication style, attention to detail, pace and much more.

In your report, you will also receive tips for overcoming problematic behaviour and insightful information for more effective management skills, including:

Motivation, training and recognition needs.

Communication Suggestions.

Development Opportunities help managers and business owners take employees to new, higher levels of performance, both for the short and long term.

Talent management and coaching advice so you can make the most of your time with each employee.

The Omnia Retention Profile is a valuable tool for coaching, mentoring, career development, identification of strengths and weaknesses, team building, increased engagement, succession planning and employee retention.

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Omnia® Target Profile

Instant reports designed specifically for high volume users.

Looking for a customised behavioural assessment report with the convenience of instant, online results?

Wanting an economical solution for high volume standardised positions?

Based on the same technology as the Omnia profile, the Omnia 720/Target Profile offers customised and instant feedback for selection and rentention of top talent.

The Omnia 720/Target Profile compares candidates to target ranges developed from your top, proven performers in the job. We also have industry standard targets for those clients who choose not to customise. Once completed, our specially trained Client Advisors show you how to use the online system and provide Profile interpretation training.
  • Results are instantly available.
  • Online program for on-site comparisons of job candidates to top, proven performers.
  • An economical solution for high volume positions.

Each report includes an easy-to-read graph and a clear, non-clinical discussion of the candidate’s strengths and challenges. The report focuses on the candidate’s level of assertiveness, communication style, attention to detail, pace and much more.  A summary of traits that fall outside of the target ranges is included along with follow-up interview questions based on the potential issues seen in the profile resulting in a much more focused interview.  Any Target Profile can easily be upgraded to a full Omnia Profile.   

Basic requirements for completing a target include a Position Description Set-up Form and peer profiles, unless the client is purchasing an Industry Standard target.

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Omnia® Career Counsellor

The Omnia Group's main focus is to help companies select the right employee for the right position. However, the Omnia Career Counselor is designed to help employees find the best career options based on their personality.

This product is most often used by departing students, job seekers or existing employees who are not satisfied with their current work state.

Once completed, a trained operations analyst reviews the results and completes a written report. The report consists of a discussion of strengths, challenges and career options. Also included is a personality group booklet featuring more information regarding the individual's personality and an extensive listing of career options.

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Omnia® Department/Company Overview

The Omnia Department/Company Overview ( DCO ) takes the Omnia® Profile to the next level, but takes a giant leap further in discussing how well the department, or company as a whole, works together, which would include team members, members in supervisory roles, and the manager. All department or company employees complete the Omnia® Retain Profile and an Omnia analyst develops a report on the individual results, as well as all of the employees with each other, and with the manager. Analysis of intangible issues include low energy, poor perspective, existing non-vocational stress and low intensity. A summary of what these issues mean to productivity is included.

The analyst then addresses questions from the manager.
For example:

 •  Who is the most likely to assume responsibility if given the opportunity?
•  Why are these two employees constantly arguing with each other?

•  Who is most different from my team?

•  What can I do to motivate this employee?
A detailed summary is provided to illustrate issues or trends seen in your group and what the manager can do to address them. The report ranges between 20 and 30 pages and includes the individual profile results to be shared at the manager's discretion.

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Leadership Report & Direct Report Analysis

Are you a natual born leader?

What do employees value most at work?

Recognition, communication, relationship with the immediate supervisor, being “in the know” and growth opportunities rank in the top 10. But not everyone is motivated by the same things.

The trick is figuring out which intangibles inspire the unique individuals you manage. Understanding your personal leadership style and the specific needs of each member of your team makes identifying those intangibles easy.

Each Leadership Report includes:

·         An easy-to-read graph and a clear discussion of your personal leadership style.

·         Your strengths and possible challenges.

·          Your personal communication style, work pace and detail focus.

·         What to do and what to avoid to motivate the unique personality preferences of your team.

Take leadership to the next level and add a…

Direct Report Analysis!

·        Compares your direct reports to your leadership style.

·        An easy-to-read graph of where your direct report falls in relation to your leadership style.

·         How your direct report compares to you in assertiveness, communication style, pace and need for structure

·         What those differences mean and how to manage effectively around them.

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Omnia® D&D (Team Dynamics and Development Assessment)

The Omnia D&D Assessment takes the Omnia Profile to the next level. The D&D examines how the inherent strengths and challenges of team members are likely to interact with each other and suggests areas to improve communication and cohesiveness. We will also discuss strategies for developing these employees based on their natural strengths and needs. The report is approximately 1 page per participant and includes the individual profile results.

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