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Many businesses struggle with defining and measuring fit with the business. Our unique tool provides an evidence based measure of fit, that matches the needs of the role and the culture of the business with the preferred work style of the individual.

We even provide compatibility data between your candidate and the manager and team. Our easy to read and interpret report gives a fit score, a customised interview guide, as well as a coaching guide for integrating the new staff member into your team.

Our Selection companion is far more than a personality test. It is designed specifically for recruiting, is analyst written and customised for your business

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  • Reports written by Omnia Analysts
  • NOT computer generated
  • Validated by Independent Research
  • Accuracy rating of 93%
  • Free of age, race, gender and cultural bias
  • Easy to read graphs with clear, non clinical discussion
  • Reduces Turnover
  • Increase Retention
  • Better communication with team members
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased Productivity / Profitability
  • Affordable Employee Selection
  • Team Building
  • Similar to an IQ Test
  • Test for General Mental Ability
  • Improve your hiring outcomes

The results are amazing! Test yourself today!

Omnia has a full suite of psychometric tests that are specifically designed to match the fit of your candidate with the job, your business and your team.

EPIC Selection Profile

EPIC Retention Profile

Cognitive Profile

Hire the right person the first time!

Keep your best staff motivated in Retention

General Mental Ability (GMA)   IQ test

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TARGET Sales Style Profile

TARGET Leadership Analysis Profile

TARGET Professional Development Profile

Understand your Leadership Style

Understand your Sales Style

Build your Employee’s Capability

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TARGET Custom Designed Profile

TARGET CareerMaze Profile

TARGET Customer Service

Benchmark your best Employees

Find a career that suits your personality

Discover the right environment for your work style.

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There are many uses for using Omnia Profiles

Selection Before Hire

Thanks to our extensive benchmarking, we can compare your candidate to your specific performance expectations, workplace/environment, and up to three prospective peer group members. You will also receive compatibility assessment of the prospective supervisor with tips to the supervisor as to how to focus and motivate the candidate.

Selection Before Transfer

We compare a candidate to others performing successfully for you in the prospective position, as well as to our own database of thousands of Profiles of people performing well in the same job.

Selection Before Promotion

Promotion usually means becoming a manager or a senior manager; we examine the chances for success of both. We compare a candidate to others performing successfully for you in the prospective position, as well as to our own database of thousands of Profiles of people performing well in the same job.


 We examine the compatibility of the employee with the demands of the position and the workplace, compatibility with team roles (if any), and compatibility with the supervisor’s management style. We also make specific recommendations for increasing compatibility in all areas.

Professional Partnering

Before undertaking the risks of a professional partnership, it is appropriate that all prospective partners share their Omnia Profiles. Our professional partnering service is sensitized to the need for success, the dangers of a weak link in the partnership, and the temptations to follow stereotypes in making assignments (for example, that he should be CEO and she should do the back office work). When a partnership fails, the collapse is usually followed by a failure in the friendship or
the marriage.

Team Building

Some people need leadership roles, while others need to be able to make team contributions. Some are natural communicators, analytics, coaches, mentors, checkers or double-checkers, worriers, wonderers and everything in between. Few managers want a team that consists entirely of followers.

Career Planning

 Not everyone should be a manager and not everyone has the patience and detail-orientation for research. Determining the right career path to bring on personal growth and advancement is a win-win situation for the employee and the company.

Succession Planning/Perpetuation Planning

 Owners of small businesses do not want their children to fail. Not everyone is meant to manage and lead. Often, it can be better to give kids a lesser role and a salary or sell out and give them the money.

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